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Portland Needed a Pollería

Having eaten all kinds of incredible roasted chicken throughout Latin America, we yearned back home for this simple, elemental food as nothing quite like it existed here. These urges ultimately motivated us to bring the pollo of our fond and flavorful memories to Portland ourselves.

As one of us had set up in Mexico City for a spell, we returned there to determine the essentials of such an operation: certain chiles and salsas, cabbage and potatoes swimming in chicken drippings, and a specific brand of rotisserie oven we imported to achieve that essential, crackling skin over perfectly cooked, fall-off-the-bone meat. Then we added upgrades like warm made-to-order tortillas, tangy slaw, and both meaty and meatless beans.

A fundamental priority is to serve the best free-range chicken and organic ingredients available from as nearby as possible. We are currently working with an Oregon farm to build up a supply of our preferred bird, the French Red, a heritage variety that was bred for the outdoors. We have an excellent, year-round source of local potatoes too, and found an organic masa that we feel makes the best hand-pressed tortillas.

All of these details, to us, add up to the perfect pollería. Basically if you enjoy rotisserie chicken, we’re pretty certain you’ll love ours.